Exploring the Schedule Library


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Navigate a Schedule Library admin object and explain what it represents in SAP Fieldglass.

Schedule Library

The Schedule Library allows Administrators to create and maintain a list of schedules for use within the SOW module and SOW Bid module. Schedules may be created for items that require payments to the supplier according to predetermined dates.

Examples include monthly payments, a final payment, or set fees to be paid on specific dates.

screenshot of the characteristics page on a statement of work showing the Monthly Recurring and Monthly Schedule schedules listed on the Schedules tab

Navigating the Schedule Library Admin Object

screenshot of Services section of the Admin Menu, the Schedule Library link is highlighted
1To view the list of Schedules in the tenant, select Schedule Library from the Services section of the admin menu.

Schedule Library List Page

screenshot of Schedule Library List page highlighting the Schedule Type column and the Monthly Recurring link in the Code column

The supplier can only submit invoices on the defined intervals for agreed upon transactions.

Schedules must be defined in the schedule library before they can be used in SOW Bid templates. They can be added when creating an SOW or SOW Bid from a template, and they can be copied from the library.


Schedule Type indicates the interval at which the transaction will occur.

Regular means the transaction occurs once, and a due date must be entered on the SOW. On the SOW, this field is called 'Single.'

If Recurring is selected, the schedule recurs on a periodic basis.

3To view the details of a Schedule, select an appropriate link in the Code column.

Schedule Library Details Page

screenshot of Monthly Recurring Schedule Details page highlighting the Frequency and Start Period details

An SOW Worker Role record displays the same information available on the list page, with a few additional details.

4If the Schedule Type is Recurring, the Frequency of the schedule must be selected. The value in this field can be Daily, Weekly, Twice Monthly, Monthly, or Yearly.
5If the Schedule Type is Recurring with the frequency Weekly, Monthly or Yearly selected, the Start Period displays. It is used to indicate when the schedule should trigger. For Weekly, the day of the week must be selected. For Monthly, Start or End must be selected.

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