Exploring the SOW Characteristic Approval Process


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Identify Approval Group options for SOW Characteristics.
  • Approve SOW deliverables.

Adding Characteristics to an SOW

There may be times when additional characteristics must be added to an active SOW to account for changes in the project. SOWs can be revised with new characteristics by either buyers or suppliers, depending upon the demands of the project.

Adding and Approving a Characteristic

Kiri, a recruiter at reCrewIT, realizes her team will need additional time to QA Test the new data center buildout for WorkingNet. The approved SOW comprised 100 hours of QA testing, but Kiri thinks another 20 hours is necessary to close out the testing phase.

WorkingNet knows that changes like this can be expected, and they usually include a buffer with the Maximum Budget for reasons just like this. However, in instances where Suppliers have to add characteristics for additional funds, the work item will go through its approval workflow configured within WorkingNet’s tenant.

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