Enabling Picture Perfect Talent Cards (PPTC) in Provisioning setup


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Enable PPTC in Provisioning

Pixel Perfect Talent Card Required Settings

Required Settings

The required setting to enable PPTC functionality is in Company SettingsBI Publisher Scorecard Integration. After this, change RBP to provide specific roles access to PPTC reports.

Performance Settings

The Enable Multiple Files in Batch publish allows batch print to separate into two or more files.

Only enable this setting when the customer is experiencing slow performance or time outs in batch printing a PPTC. This issue can occur when the PPTC has extensive XML downloaded (for example when XML includes multiple sources) and/or extensive logic coded in the BI Publisher template. As a guideline, when enabling this setting, enter 15MB in the next field, Batch Publish Control File Size. Then, test the PPTC, if performance is still not satisfactory, enter a larger value in MB and retest.

Development and Debug Settings

To enable access for development to build the required PPTC, check the box for BI Publisher Export Scorecard XML (BTS only) [Not ready for Sales/Production] – requires "BI Publisher Scorecard Integration".

If data is sourced from outside the scorecard in Employee Profile, then also enable Export Scorecard XML With Additional Information.

This XML output allows output of the raw XML data that is used when building and debugging the PPTC. It is best to leave this enabled even when the PPTC is live as the XML export option can be hidden through RBP.

To upload templates, go to the provisioning instance and choose Import/Update/Export - BI Publisher Template/BIRT Template.

PPTC templates are created in BIRT using birt-report-designer-all-in-one-4_3_2.

On the import page, template type should be selected as BIRT template and Output type can be PDF, PPTX, and DOC/DOCX. SAP does not use PPT option anymore as it produces output file in .mht format, which is no longer supported by Microsoft Office.

When it is uploaded, template becomes active by default and available for all roles with PPTC permission. If required, it can be deactivated, exported, or deleted using the options available on this page. Changes must be saved by choosing the Save changes button.

Creating PPTC templates is out of scope for this training.

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