Summarizing People Analytics Reporting Solutions


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The People Analytics Reporting Solution

Self Service Reporting Tools

There are a variety of different reporting tools that you can choose from depending on your needs. The following table gives you a list of all the Self-Service Reporting Tools.

Canvas reports for transactional reporting (Detailed reporting and Advanced reporting), Table reporting, and Dashboard and Tiles framework will be Deleted (deprecated) on November 21, 2025.

Tile & Dashboard reports are not available for new customers provisioned after the 2H 2023 release.

Self Service Reporting Tools

Table ReportsDashboards and TilesCanvas ReportsStory Reports
  • List Reports
  • Simple Data Extraction
  • Excel, CSV, PDF, PPT
  • Real time reporting
  • Data Source: All Modules excluding LMS and MDF
  • Online Dashboards
  • Track Key Processes
  • Drill from Chart to List
  • Deliver on Mobile
  • Runtime Filters available
  • Data Source: All Modules excluding LMS and MDF
  • Printable
  • Multi Page
  • Formatted
  • List Reports
  • Charts and Graphs
  • Calculated Columns
  • Aggregated Columns
  • Scheduler
  • Data Sources: EC, Talent, MDF and LMS
  • Excel, CSV, PDF, PPT, DOC, Email
  • Modern visualizations
  • Live SAP SuccessFactors data
  • Intelligent joins across modules
  • Secure, role-based access
  • People-centric data privacy and protection
  • Data Sources: All but Recruiting Marketing, Recruiting Posting, Learning, Onboarding 1.0 (roadmap to expand)

Report Summary

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