Course Preparation and Case Study (Optional)


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Do a course preparation and case study.

Case Study (Optional)

Preparation: Access to SAP Signavio Process Governance

  • Now, we're going to look at a case study in which you can create your own workflow! First, you need access to SAP Signavio Process Governance. If you do not have a purchased license, you need to check if you are eligible for activating SAP Signavio Process Governance in a 30-days trial.
  • Register for a trial: Register and after your trial has been assigned, please check if activation of SAP Signavio Process Governance is possible via a support ticket.


This eLearning can also be accomplished without conducting the case study.

Once you have access to SAP Signavio Process Governance, you can begin the case study. The course is based on a running example throughout all lessons to create an actual workflow. In this case study, we will be creating a workflow for onboarding a new employee. 

All content in the lessons will be applied to the case study, so the workflow will be extended stepwise.

Who is the Company, and What is their Current Situation?

The MyBike Inc. is a medium-sized but fast growing bike manufacturer, which is specialized in manufacturing and selling bikes on specific requirements to authorized bike shops around the globe.

Due to the new boom for e-bikes, the order volume increased last quarter by 73% for e-bikes and 20% for normal bikes for the company.

What's the Challenge?

To deal with that amount of new orders and also to not lose the good reputation of "fast manufacturing and delivery", the management has decided to hire 45 additional bicycle mechanics, 10 additional account managers and 3 additional people supporting the HR department.

In the past, all communication and alignment between the departments was communication based via emails, which often resulted in missing information and transparency of completed tasks.

Due to the experience from the past, the management decided to use a workflow solution and create an onboarding workflow in order to keep track of all completed and pending onboarding tasks for the new hires.

At the end of each lesson, there will be steps for you to complete based on what was covered in that lesson. The next lesson we will cover is Workflow Triggers. When you are ready, continue with the course.

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