Navigation Maps and Value Chains


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Create Navigation Maps and Value Chains

Navigation Maps

Navigation Maps as Entry Point

Typically, BPMN doesn't provide the level of abstraction required to create an overview of your process landscape.

By offering a visually appealing entrance to the SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub experience, it allows you to break away from the well-known structured approach of business process modeling.

With Navigation Maps, you can offer a brand-compliant and visually appealing alternative of a traditional value chain diagram, helping business users to find relevant process content.

Main Capabilities of Navigation Map

Different Ways as an Entrance to the Process World

The following examples show how different the high-level entry point can look like. By linking to further navigation maps or value chains, you can build a hierarchy that's easier to consume before entering the respective process content.

The SAP Process Journey
Company on a Page
End-to-End Overview

Create a Navigation Map

In the following section, we look at the different elements and functionalities for creating navigation maps within SAP Signavio Process Manager's graphical editor.

Find more details in the product documentation. Manage navigation maps | SAP Help Portal

How to Use Navigation Maps

In the following video you see how to use navigation maps, by following the options below.

  • Use and Customize Shapes

    Different shapes and text boxes can be used in Navigation Maps. Custom attributes can be added (by the administrator) and standard attributes can be adjusted including resizing, description, color, gradient, stroke color, and flat design.

  • Upload and Use Images

    Any modeler has the authorization to upload images for the Navigation Map through Image Management. Uploading images is only possible if the size limit of 50 KB isn't exceeded and if the file is in SVG format. The system checks each file for possible security vulnerabilities and may need to be approved for an upload to be successful.

  • Add Links to Elements

    By default, you can add links to all elements and upload images to the navigation map. You can link to another diagram, a folder in your workspace, or a URL.

  • Preview your Results

    After the navigation map is created, you can review the result via the SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub Preview.


Before you preview your Navigation Map, make sure that you save it.

  • Only images available in the Image Management can be added to navigation maps.

  • Images that have been uploaded can only be deleted by your workspace administrator in the setup.

  • Images uploaded in the common way (through setup) are also available in the Image Management. Note that you still have a maximum file size of 20 KB, no bulk upload, and only administrators can upload.

Link Dictionary Entries

For navigation maps, you can link dictionary entries from all categories to the following modeling elements:

  • Text
  • Images
  • Shapes

You can link to entries from all enabled standard categories from modeling elements that aren’t restricted to specific categories.

Add Live Insights

With the Live Insights shapes, you can add insights and key performance indicators that you want to monitor.

Add a Live Insights shape to your shape or image and link it with a widget from SAP Signavio Process Intelligence. Authorized users can then view the Live Insights in SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub.


This feature is only available for users with SAP Signavio Process Intelligence license.

Value Chains

How to Create Value Chains

You can also use value chains to create a high-level perspective of your processes.

For example, each modeling element in a value chain represents a process or process group of a specific business unit. You can link the elements in chronological order and show the hierarchical relationships between processes and process groups.

It's possible to customize attributes and use images added by the administrator. Also, Live Insights can be added in the same way as shown during the creation of a navigation map. For more details, check out the product documentation. Value chains | SAP Help Portal

Customize Shapes and Add Links

The customization of shapes and linking to processes or a URL works the same way as already demonstrated.

Watch the video to learn how it works in detail for value chains. In our example, we start creating a traditional process landscape as the entry point.

Convert Shapes and Link Maps

Convert shapes to images and link your process map to the navigation map.

The modeling elements process and sub-process can be converted into uploaded images via the attribute panel.

To show the newly created process map in the process hierarchy, it must be linked to the navigation map that we created in the section before.

Watch the video to see how this works.

Well done. You can now create your own high-level entry point and hierarchy. Continue with the next lesson.

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