Publishing and Collaboration - Working with Feedback


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  • Use the Commenting feature to collect feedback

Publishing and Collaboration: Working with Feedback

Why is Early Collaboration on Processes Important?

Process Management is not a top down approach anymore. Today, multiple people are involved in processes and can contribute valuable feedback - even in the process modeling phase. Missing information can only be detected by humans (semantically correctness).

How to work with feedback?

Role: Modeler

The modeler creates the process with the known information.

Step 2: Requesting Feedback

Role: Modeler

After the process model is complete, one or more stakeholders are invited to provide feedback on the process to ensure that the process is correct and complete.

Step 3: Providing Feedback

Role: Invited Stakeholder

The invited stakeholder has the responsibility to look at the process and provide feedback if process steps or important information is missing from the process.

Step 4: Incorporate

Role: Modeler

Now the modeler incorporates the feedback received from the invited stakeholders into the process diagram to enhance it.

Step 5: Publishing Process

Role: Modeler

After the process is fully modeled, the process is published to the SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub for the entire organization.

Key Takeaways - Working with Feedback

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