Overview of SAP Signavio Process Manager


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Overview of SAP Signavio Process Manager

Providing a company wide Understanding of "How to Play a Certain Song"

In a company, everyone has a role in certain processes and this role is important to fulfill the process as a whole. This is similar to a role in an orchestra. If the drummer is missing, the song sounds out of tune or can't be performed, unless someone with the same skills and knowledge replaces the drummer. Managing these roles for collaboration, (the instruments used), and the knowledge to be documented for future iterations (the "notes" of a song) is the key to process management.

The purpose of modeling business processes isn't just to have a visual appealing process model - it's about building understanding. Processes must be "alive", providing a natural motivation for all employees to improve their processes and make day-to-day work easier, smoother, and faster.

Based on the idea of improving the day-to-day business and its included tasks, we've developed the SAP Signavio Process Manager in a way that people love to use. It focuses on the topics of:

  • Process Documentation.
  • Process and Object Management (Repository).
  • Process Publishing and Collaboration and Feedback Handling.
  • Process Analysis (Reporting).

All you need is a browser and an internet connection. You don't need to install any software.

SAP Signavio Process Manager Supports Business process management with:

  • A central modeling component.
  • A central object repository for reusing the same business terms across all processes.
  • folder structure to store and find processes.
  • reporting functionality, which aggregates all information on selected processes.
  • version control of processes if changes must be reversed.
  • diagram comparison(As-Is versus To-Be).
  • Collaboration/commenting features to provide feedback and collaborate on processes.
  • A functionality to capture additional information on processes and tasks, such as risks and controls.

In the following video, you see an overview of the SAP Signavio Process Manager and its integration into the SAP Signavio Business Transformation Suite.

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