The Editor - Quick 'n' Easy Modeling


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Use the Editor to model processes (and other diagrams)

The Editor: Quick n Easy Modeling

What Is the Graphical Editor?

In the Graphical Editor, you can design, edit, format, and review your diagrams. The following sections provide an overview of helpful functions within the Graphical Editor. To access the Editor, open an existing diagram or create a new diagram. There are many different types of diagrams supported in SAP Signavio Process Manager, such as BPMN 2.0 and DMN 1.2. Diagrams are supported to model decisions and their executable logic, or by using ArchiMate 3.0 to model the enterprise architecture complementary to business processes.

The video explains the Graphical Editor in detail.

In the next section, we show you some handy tips and tricks for your work with the Graphical Editor.

Syntax Checking Your Process

After you've modeled a process according to a certain notation, such as BPMN 2.0, you can let the SAP Signavio Process Manager - Editor automatically perform a syntax check. This check verifies that all elements and information in your model are set correctly and conform to the notation. Not only does the syntax check help you to gain a better understanding of BPMN, it also ensures consistency of your process models. Furthermore, a correct syntax enables you to use the reporting and simulation features accurately and to present all processes in the Collaboration Hub (for organization-wide publication).

To perform the syntax check for your BPMN process diagram or EPC, choose Check syntax in the toolbar or choose the save icon, Review. Errors are highlighted. To get more information about a specific error, move your cursor over one of the exclamation marks. Check out the animation to see how it works.

The syntax of the diagram must comply with the syntax rules of BPMN 2.0. The process flow must not be interrupted.

For faster editing of processes, you can use specific short cuts. You can find these shortcuts in the product documentation: Editor toolbar and keyboard shortcuts | SAP Help Portal.

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