Managing Approval Workflows


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Approval Workflows

Approval workflows route a diagram to a predefined list of people who must approve the diagram for publishing. This enables your organization to ensure the uniform quality of all published diagrams.

If you are using the SAP Signavio Process Manager with the SAP Signavio Process Governance, you can configure approval workflows accordingly. You can define approval workflows, and other workflows, in the SAP Signavio Process Governance.

To define approval workflows, you must purchase workflow licenses in addition to your Process Manager license.

Manage Approval Workflow

Go to the setup of SAP Signavio Process Manager and activate the option under Manage approval workflows. The configuration options are:

  • General - Activate the approval workflow option, and synchronize users or configuration.
  • Diagram states - Assign different workflow sates to show small icons next to a diagram indicating the status.
  • Participants - Depending how the workflow is set up, you can define a custom diagram attribute whose value is used to initialize the role.
  • Approval Expiration - Configure a specific expiration date to automatically trigger a reapproval.

An example approval workflow is assigned to each workspace that can be configured according to your organization's needs. As already mentioned, to configure and implement an approval workflow, it is necessary to purchase SAP Signavio Process Governance licenses.

Find more details in the admin guide and developer guide.

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