Configuring Decision Form Templates


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  • Configure a Decision Form in SAP Fieldglass.

Decision Form Template

The Decision Form feature allows Buyers to capture and review information in order to authorize the creation of job postings, statements of work, SOW bids, profile workers, and/or projects. The ultimate procurement type is determined based on the information provided by the User.

Decision Forms are essentially guided request forms: When one is completed, it is routed to an appropriate approver who evaluates the request. If approved, the information on the form is carried over to the selected procurement solution.

For example, watch the video below to see how Mavis uses a Decision Form to help her decide on an appropriate type of worker.

Navigating the Decision Form Template Admin Object

screenshot of the Workflow section of the Admin Menu, the Decision Form Template link is highlighted
1To view the list of approval groups available in the tenant, select Decision Form Template from the Workflow section of the admin menu.

Decision Form Template List Page

In addition to the name and purpose of the decision form, the list page also indicates the number of business units the form has been associated to, as well as the procurement options the decision form can direct the user to.

screenshot of Decision Forms List page, with the Business Units column, the SOW, SOW Bid, and Job Posting columns, and the link to the Assistance for Procurement link listed in the Name column are highlighted
2Decision forms can be associated to All or specific business units. The numbers listed in this column are selectable and will take you directly to the list of business units that are associated to the approval group.
3Decision forms are configured to direct the user to appropriate procurement options. The Procurement Options available is a decision form are listed in these columns. Yes indicates that the form points that option as a potential result. No means the option is not included as a potential result.
4To view the business unit that a decision form is associated to, select the appropriate number link in the Business Unit column.

Decision Form Template Details Page

The appropriate paths to a correct result are specified in the template Details section and can be selected to appear in the Decision Form as appropriate.

screenshot of Assistance for Procurement Details page, highlighting the Rules section, the Custom Fields section, and the Questions section
5Depending on the company configuration, decision forms can be required for the creation of all documents. They can be mandatory or optional, but when a decision form is set as mandatory it must be approved before the user is able to create the actual document. The users’ responses to questions and custom fields help approvers identify the correct procurement type. Rules and approval groups can be used to customize a decision form workflow.

Decision forms can be designed to be company specific by utilizing questions, Custom Fields, and even wizards.

For example, WorkingNet might use custom fields in their decision forms to determine how a project will be paid for. This is not a standard field within the SAP Fieldglass application, therefore WorkingNet has to create a custom field to address this during the decision form process. Custom fields and questions can be identified as mandatory or optional through configuration or on the decision form.


The Questions that guide the user to an appropriate procurement option are indicated here. As with Wizards, the questions for Decision Forms are created independently of the Decision Form, using the Question admin object in the Configuration admin menu, and imported during the process of creating the form.

Unlike Wizards, the answers for each question cannot be configured to perform branching actions.

However, Wizards with branching instructions can be embedded into Decision Forms, and those choices can help guide the result of the Decision Form.

Create a Decision Form

WorkingNet needs a decision form to help hiring managers vet Independent Contractors based in the UK.

As the SAP Fieldglass administrator for WorkingNet, you’ll create that decision form.

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