Creating a Business Unit


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Create a Business Unit in SAP Fieldglass..

Business Unit

Business Units are a key component of foundational data in SAP Fieldglass. They help define the workflows, processes, and user access to the application’s data and functions.

image showing the relationship of Business Units, Cost Centers, and Sites to the WorkingNet tenant, illustrating how functional departments such as Finance, IT, Marketing, Sales, HR, Engineering, and the PMO can represent business units

Business units represent logical divisions within an organization, usually by functional areas. Those functional areas are built into the organization’s SAP Fieldglass tenant and often represent departments that would hire and manage contingent workers.

Business units must be selected in certain transactions, such as job postings, in order to ensure that the transaction is allocated to the appropriate department or team.

screenshot of the Business Unit field dropdown menu on a job posting showing the functional areas that can be selected, such as Accounting, Consulting, Customer Support, and more

Navigating the Business Unit Admin Object

screenshot of Business Unit List Page list view, the View Type field and the link to IT in the Code column are highlighted
1To view the list of business units associated to the tenant, select Business Unit from the Company Structure section of the admin menu.

Business Unit List page – List view

Common examples of business units might be the finance department, or human resources, or marketing. The manner in which business units are defined in SAP Fieldglass depends upon how individual organizations structure their business.

screenshot of Business Unit List Page list view, the View Type field and the link to IT in the Code column are highlighted
2The Business Unit List page offers an alternative view to allow users to see the business units in an expandable tree format. You would select Tree to see the list in that format.
3To view the details of a business unit, select an appropriate link in the Code column (or tree list).

Business Unit Details page

A business unit’s details page displays its standard settings, which can be edited by selecting the Edit button. It can also be inactivated from this page and, depending upon which other data objects it is associated with, completely removed.

screenshot of IT Business Unit Details Page, the associations tree and the Parent Business Unit field are highlighted

There are many items in the SAP Fieldglass application that can be associated to, and consequently driven by, business units:

  • Users
  • Activity Checklists
  • Workers
  • Job Posting Templates and Distribution Lists
  • Approval Groups
  • SOW Templates
  • Invoice Billing Schedules
  • Custom Fields

Decision Form Templates

5Most organizations consist of multiple Business Units, which tend to fit into a particular hierarchy. For this reason, when creating a new Business Unit, a Parent Business Unit must be selected to define where the new BU will fit into an organization's hierarchy.

Create a Business Unit

WorkingNet has formed a new product unit, called NetAlysis, to develop network diagnostic software for its networking equipment.

As the SAP Fieldglass administrator for WorkingNet, you will need to create a company profile in the application to accommodate NetAlysis.

You'll start by creating a Business Unit.

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