Managing Company Details


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Review a tenant configuration in SAP Fieldglass.

Company Details

Company Details allows you to review how the organization has been configured in the SAP Fieldglass application. It details the overall workflow of procurement transactions for the organization, including the system settings, preferences, and defaults.

Navigating the Company Details Admin Object

screenshot of the Company Structure section of the Admin Menu, the Company Details link is highlighted
1To review the tenant configuration, select Company Details from the Company Structure section of the admin menu.

Company Details page

Since company details are not delineated further, there is no company details list. The company details link from the admin menu goes directly to the Company Details details page.

These details are set during implementation and consist of two sections: Company Details and Company Configuration.

screenshot of WorkingNet Company Details page with the Details section, the Company Configuration section, a red x and a green checkmark next to configuration settings are highlighted
2The Details section displays basic contact information about the company, such as the company name, address, and phone number. Except for the company code, this information is editable by Buyer admins.

The Company Configuration section includes the tenant’s configuration settings, preferences, and defaults. Changes to this information can only be made by SAP Fieldglass.

When you hover over an attribute listed in this section, you can access a popup window that will display more information on that detail.

4Red X’s next to a listed attribute indicate that that attribute is disabled in the tenant.
5Green checks next to a listed attribute indicate that that attribute is enabled in the tenant.

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