Creating a Label Set


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Create a Label Set in SAP Fieldglass.

Label Set

Label Sets allow you to customize certain fields on both contingent and SOW types. These customized labels will alter the terms within related documents such as job postings and SOWs.

For instance, if an organization uses "Services Contracts" as an alternative to "Statements of Work," you can edit the label set to reflect that term.

Only users with administrative access can create or edit Label Sets.

split screenshot of the default Label Set admin object showing “statement of work” changed to “services contract,” and how it changes the labels on a statement of work to read as service contract

Navigating the Label Set Admin Object

screenshot of Configuration section of the Admin Menu, the Label Set link is highlighted
1To view a list of label sets associated to WorkingNet’s tenant, select Label Set from the Configuration section of the admin menu.

Label Set List Page

screenshot of Label Set List page, the Label Set Type and the # of Types columns, as well as the Networking link in the Name column are highlighted

All companies have a default Label Set that is derived from SAP Fieldglass native field terminology. This default set include labels for both SOW and contingent fields.

Multiple label sets can be established to accommodate industry specific contract terminology.

2Label Set Type indicates which module the label set is created for, contingent or services. Only the default label set type will display as a default label set type; any additional labels sets will be specific to either contingent or services.
3# of Types indicates the number of Contingent or SOW Types the label set is associated with. The indicated number refers to the type indicated in the Label Set Type column. Selecting the linked number in the column will directly open the type list which is otherwise accessible through the association tree on the respective label set’s details page.
4To view the details of a label set, select the appropriate link in the Name column.

Label Set Details Page

screenshot of Networking Label Set Details page, the Event row in the US English language section and the same row in the Dutch language section are highlighted

A label set’s details page allows for the labels to be changed in all available languages, including certain variations such as US or UK English or Canadian French.

5As illustrated here, WorkingNet prefers the term ‘milestone’ to the SAP Fieldglass default ‘event.’ This means that ‘milestone’ will appear on every SOW-related document instead of the word ‘event.’
6If necessary, the customizations must be made in all languages that WorkingNet uses.

Create a Label Set

WorkingNet is creating a new SOW type for the consulting side of their business, and a specific label set to reflect the appropriate consulting terminology is also required.

As WorkingNet’s SAP Fieldglass administrator, you’re tasked with creating a new label set.

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