Creating a Work Order


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Create a Work Order to hire a selected Job Seeker.

Creating a Work Order

Once a Job Seeker is selected for hire, SAP Fieldglass then creates the Work Order which reflects the agreed details of the contingent assignment. A Work Order, therefore, is a binding document and data set that contains all necessary information for a specific contract between the buyer and supplier. Work Orders can be created either by the Hiring Manager or the PMO, depending on the company culture, trust, and maturity of the organizations’ Hiring Managers.

The option to create a work order appears immediately after a job seeker is selected for hire.

Screenshot of the Create Work Order Setup page, which appears when a worker is selected for hire.

Create Work Order

WorkingNet’s company culture is typically based on the empowerment of hiring managers, who would usually be responsible for creating work orders, but since the Finance department hires very infrequently, Mateo from the Program Office will create the Work Order in this case. Let’s look at what steps are included in the process.

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