Defining a Location


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Navigate a Location admin and explain what it represents in SAP Fieldglass.


Location is a data object that can be used to create, review, and edit the specific locations where an organization has offices. Where Site is most often used to identify general areas where the organization does business, locations are often the specific addresses that are associated to those more generally identified sites.

image showing the relationship of Business Units, Cost Centers, and Sites to the WorkingNet tenant, illustrating several sites such as London, Dubai, Atlanta, Frankfurt, Paris, Vancouver, and Chicago, with two specific addresses linked to the Chicago site, representing locations

When a site has locations associated to it, the location will appear as a selection that is affected by the site that is selected. Like a site selection, this ensure that workers are assigned to the correct workplace.

screenshot of the Location field dropdown menu on a job posting showing the locations linked to a particular site that can be selected

Navigating the Location Admin Object

screenshot of the Company Structure section of the Admin Menu, the Location link is highlighted
1To view the list of locations associated to a tenant, select Location from the Company Structure section of the admin menu.

Location List page

Though locations are considered optional, they are created automatically when a site is created, and contain identical information.

To make a location more specific, an organization could add or edit details of that location record, or even create a new location record to associate to a site. For instance, in addition to its Chicago headquarters, WorkingNet also has a satellite office in a Chicago suburb, so it created a location for that office and associated it to the Chicago site.

screenshot of Location List page, the link to the NAP location listed in the Code column is highlighted
2To view the details of a location, select an appropriate link in the Code column.

Location Details page

WorkingNet specifies the address of its satellite office as a Location and associates it to the broader Chicago Site.

This nested approach allows WorkingNet to expand its offices without creating multiple Chicago sites.

screenshot of NAP Location Details page highlighting the specific office address listed in the address fields
3For organizations that might occupy multiple floors of an office building, locations can even be further refined to include suite numbers.

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