Exploring Predefined Reports


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Navigate a Predefined Report admin object.

Predefined Reports

The Predefined Reports menu item allows you to view the list of standard reports that are automatically added when an organization’s tenant is created.

Reports are viewed, run, and created through the Analytics menu on the SAP Fieldglass home page.

Navigating the Predefined Reports Admin Object

screenshot of Report section of the Admin Menu, the Predefined Reports link is highlighted
1To view a list of predefined reports within the tenant, select Predefined Reports from the Report section of the admin menu.

Predefined Reports List Page

screenshot of Predefined Reports List Page, the Status column, the Original Name column, the Original Folder column, and the Job Posting Status link in the Original Name column are highlighted

All standard reports configured by SAP Fieldglass will be available within the list page.

2Status of Active or Inactivate indicates whether the predefined report will be visible within report folders or not.
3The Original Name column lists the default name for a report.
4Original Folder indicates the folder in which the report will be found. All reports must fall into a folder.
5To view the details of a report, select the appropriate link in the Original Name column.

Predefined Reports Details Page

screenshot of Job Posting Status Details page highlighting the Inactivate button

From this page you can review and even edit the predefined reports, though there would be little need to edit them.

6If a predefined report is not needed by an organization, it can be inactivated simply by clicking the Inactivate button. Inactivated reports will no longer appear in the list of reports found in the Analytics menu.

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