Managing Accounting on the Job Posting Template


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Explain Time Sheet options, Adjustments, and Worker Pay Types.
  • Create a Worker Pay Type and associate to a Job Posting Template.

Job Posting Template Accounting

The Job Posting Template contains most of the assignment information and settings that the work order is ultimately derived from when a contingent worker is hired. It is therefore critical for buyers to understand this when creating their job posting templates, to ensure as much detail can be solidified upfront whilst reducing the likelihood of requiring amendments or corrections to the data.

The Accounting section, which, based on the workflow, can be completed by either the client or PMO, is where further details regarding the rates, worker pay types, time and expense sheets, and associated adjustments are defined.

Screenshot of a job posting template highlighting the Accounting section

Configure Accounting Details on the Job Posting Template

As one of WorkingNet’s SAP Fieldglass administrators, you’re in the process of creating a job posting template for a new position for WorkingNet’s manufacturing division: Quality Control Inspector.

You’ve already set the base details of the template, including selecting the qualifications custom lookup, and you’re ready to configure the Accounting details of the template.

Note that we’re going to split the Accounting details section of the template into three separate steps:

  1. The base accounting details, including the appropriate worker pay types,
  2. Rates, and
  3. Rules.

You’ll start with setting the base accounting details.

Worker Pay Types

A Worker Pay Type is an association category that allows for variances in pay rates based upon certain circumstances, such as whether the supplier or buyer will be responsible for paying the worker.

Play the video to learn more about how worker pay types contribute to the creation of a job posting.

Create a Worker Pay Type

Here’s how you, acting as the PMO, would create a Worker Pay Type for Japan in SAP Fieldglass.

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