Managing Task Codes


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Create a Task Code in SAP Fieldglass.

Task Code

Task Codes allow workers to allocate their time to specific tasks or projects on their time sheets.

Task codes can be associated to specific cost centers or workers, and custom fields can be displayed on time sheets and used to collect data from workers, such as additional details on tasks performed. Workers can select from a list of predefined tasks to include on their time sheets to indicate any additional duties performed.

For example, WorkingNet may want Joe to provide details on his time spent building WorkingNet’s data center, so it would create a Task Code for that and associate it to his time sheet. He would then have to detail his duties for that task before he submits his time sheet.

Task codes can be found within the Billable section of a time sheet and are concatenated with the Cost Center & General Ledger Account. To add tasks, workers can select ‘+Add Task’.

screenshot of the Add Task modal window on a worker's time sheet with a task code selected and ready to add

Navigating the Task Code Admin Object

screenshot of the Financial Data section of the Admin Menu, the Task Code link is highlighted
1To view a list of task codes associated to the tenant, select Task Code from the Financial Data section of the admin menu.

Task Code List page

The types of items that workers can allocate time against will be listed here.

screenshot of Task Code List page, with the Billable column, the Capitalized column, the General Ledger Account Name column, and the Hours Worked link in the Code column highlighted
2If this task code is Billable, suppliers can use this task in invoices; if it is not billable, it cannot be used in invoices.
3If Yes is selected in the Capitalized field, costs assigned to this task code will be capitalized. This field does not impact the invoice and is used for reporting and integrations.
4A General Ledger Account is a data item used for detailed tracking of task and expense codes. It is a mandatory selection for an expense code. This column indicates the general ledger account that the task code is included in.
5To view details of a task code, select an appropriate link in the Code column.

Task Code Details page

Reviewing the details page of a task code will display the same data elements found on the list page.

screenshot of Hours Worked Task Code details page highlighting the Original Code detail row
6The Original Code data item is used if an organization’s other ERP systems have existing task codes. This field will indicate the ERP’s equivalent task code.

Create a Task Code

WorkingNet is building out a new data center in its Chicago office.

It wants workers to be able to book time against the data center work.

As the SAP Fieldglass administrator for WorkingNet, you will need to create the task code that makes that possible.

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