Navigating the System Audit Trail


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Perform a System Audit.

System Audit Trail

The System Audit Trail page tracks and displays the activity history of an organization’s SAP Fieldglass tenant and responsible Users. This feature is useful for monitoring activity in the application.

Navigating the System Audit Trail Admin Object

screenshot of the Systems Tools section of the Admin Menu, Business Unit link is highlighted
1To see the criteria required to audit WorkingNet’s use of SAP Fieldglass, select System Audit Trail from the System Tools section of the admin menu.

System Audit Trail List Page

screenshot of System Audit Trail page, the section containing the User, Module, Date, and Source fields, as well as the Apply button and the audit trail activities list are highlighted

The System Audit Trail page lists all of the activities performed by all users in SAP Fieldglass.

2You would use the fields at the top of the page to filter for the activity records you want to view, and select Apply Filters to display the initial search results.
3Though you can select the Apply Filters button without setting criteria, it may return thousands of audit trail entries and take several minutes for the page to refresh.

Performing a System Audit

WorkingNet’s legal team routinely performs audits to ensure compliance with organizational standards and workflows. They’ve randomly selected Brian, the manager of WorkingNet’s PMO, for an audit to determine the number of statements of work he’s approved within a given time frame.

The legal team has asked you, WorkingNet’s SAP Fieldglass administrator, to perform that system audit for Brian’s SOW activities.

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