Selecting the Job Posting Source


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Explain the role of the Job Posting Template in the creation of a Job Posting.
  • Select an appropriate template for creating a Job Posting.

Selecting the Job Posting Source

Selecting the Job Posting Source allows you to choose either a Job Posting Template or an existing Job Posting as the basis for requesting a Contingent Worker. This is the initial step in the Contingent Labor request process and critically, drives a multitude of settings and data fields on the Job Posting itself.

You can toggle the Job Posting source page between a list view and a card view.

Select the Job Posting Source

Let’s look at how Melanie, the Hiring Manager of Finance at WorkingNet, would use the Program Office Assisted workflow to create a Job Posting in SAP Fieldglass and procure an Accounting Clerk for a six-month position at their Chicago headquarters.

Named Job Postings

Some industries and organizations re-hire many of the same workers. If an organization or hiring manager has already identified the best candidate for a given position, the use of a Named Job Posting allows users to specify the Job Seeker upfront in the job posting creation process, skipping the distribution step to multiple suppliers.

The job posting is only sent to the supplier associated with the selected job seeker, and only that job seeker can be submitted for the job posting.

Named Job Postings are selected from the Create menu.

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