Creating an Expense Type


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Create an Expense Type in SAP Fieldglass.

Expense Type

Expense Types are the data items used to define rates applied to the specific types of reimbursable expenses, such as per diems or miles.

The Expense Types are associated to Expense Codes, so that when a worker selects an expense code while creating an expense sheet, all the associated expense amounts will be automatically calculated.

For instance, if Joe, a U.S.-based worker, had to drive to a WorkingNet location other than to the one which he has been assigned, he can get reimbursed for the cost of fuel.

The Expense Type 'Fuel' is associated to the Fuel expense code.

screenshot of expense sheet showing the list of expense codes and associated Expense Types, including Fuel and Mileage

Navigating the Expense Type Admin Object

screenshot of the Financial Data section of the Admin Menu, the Expense Types link is highlighted
1To review the list of expense types that have been configured for a tenant, select Expense Type from the Financial Data section of the admin menu.

Expense Type List page

Expense Types are broken out by currency. The Expense type listed here is configured as a single type, but it displays the configured currencies individually so that they can be examined at a glance. Selecting any of the items in the Expense Type list will open the same item.

screenshot of Expense Type List page, the Unit Label column, the Rate column, and the Fuel link in the Expense Type column are highlighted
2Unit Label is the unit by which the expense is measured. Common labels are units, miles, and per diem.
3The Rate is the amount that will be charged per unit. When a worker completes an expense report, the unit amount that the worker enters will be automatically multiplied by the appropriate currency rate to yield the expense amount.
4To view the details of an expense type, select an appropriate link in the Expense Type column.

Expense Type Details page

The details page for a specific expense type will display the same data configurations shown on the list page, but all the currency rates can be configured from a single page when the Edit button is selected.

screenshot of Mileage Expense Type Details page with the Can Override Rate detail highlighted
5If Can Override Rate is enabled, workers will be able to override the rate defined in the expense type and enter their own rates on expense sheets.

Create an Expense Type

WorkingNet commonly hires workers who will travel to client locations. In such instances, the worker will often need to use their personal mobile phones for both voice and data communication. WorkingNet has decided to offer those workers a monthly stipend they can put toward their mobile phone bill.

As the SAP Fieldglass administrator for WorkingNet, you will need to add a new mobile phone expense type and associate it to an expense code so workers can submit that expense.

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