Navigating the Report Audit Trail


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Navigate the Report Audit Trail admin object..

Report Audit Trail

The Report Audit Trail displays a list of reports which have been run from the Analytics menu.

Reports are viewed, run, and created through the Analytics menu on the SAP Fieldglass home page.

Navigating the Report Audit Trail Admin Object

screenshot of Report section of the Admin Menu, the Report Audit Trail link is highlighted
1To view the report history within the tenant, select Report Audit Trail from the Report section of the admin menu.

Report Audit Trail List Page

screenshot of Report Audit Trail List page highlighting the Transaction ID column, the Report Deleted or Not Saved notice and the HR Work Order link in the Report Name column
2Columns will indicate who the report was Executed By, the Report Name, the Output Format, and the Time and date the report was run.
3The Report Name lists the names of all reports run, but reports which were not saved or have been deleted will display "(Report Deleted or Not Saved)" in red text and will not link to the listed report.

Selecting an active report will take you to that report and allow you to edit it, run it, or take the various other actions available through the Analytics menu.

Edits made to a report can be audited through the System Audit Trail

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