Using the Report Audit Trail


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Analyze an organization’s reporting activities using this feature.

Using the Report Audit Trail

The Report Audit Trail allows you to see which reports were run in your organization in the last 90 days, by whom, and when.

Mateo is asked to investigate the top reports ran last month. He decides to do a search in the Report Audit Trail and download as CSV for further analysis. Mateo takes the following steps:

1Mateo navigates to the Admin menu, and selects the Report Audit Trail within the Report section.
Screenshot of Admin Configuration Page - Highlighting the Report Audit Trail Section
2After opening the Report Audit Trail, Mateo updates the Period back to 11/29/2023 to reflect the last few weeks of report data.
3He selects the Apply Filters button to populate the reports shown in the list view of the UI.
4Lastly, he selects Download List Data to retrieve all of the report information available for the time period in a single file.
Screenshot of Audit Trail List Page with Highlighted Filters and Actions
5As seen here, Mateo is provided with a Data Download that reflects all of the reports executed for his selected time period.
Screenshot of a Data Download Sample after selecting UI link

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