How does SAP Customer Data Platform do it?


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Recognize and relate the four-step process: Data Ingestion, Identity Resolution, Insights, and Engagement and how this process helps to understand the customer.
  • Evaluate and determine how the core functionalities of SAP CDP work together in a sample scenario.

How Does CDP & SAP Do It?

Now let's look at the key features of the CDP. The CDP connects customer data from a multitude of sources, and organizes, and presents the data. This makes it easier to understand what the customer is doing when the customer is doing it, and if applicable, why the customer behaves in a certain way.

How does SAP do it?

In this video, you'll learn about the four stages in the CDP process.

Use Case

Use case - Drama book readers

The best way to quickly and effectively get started with a solution is applying a simple use case that can showcase how the core functionalities work together to deliver said business scenario. Here, we explain the business case  and give a high level view on how SAP Customer Data Platform capabilities will deliver the problem scenario.

Through this use case, we will demonstrate the SAP CDP capabilities.

The problem statement says we need to communicate with the customer about their new service membership as soon as they register. A pre-configured CX Journey, Milestone and Flow is necessary. The Journey can be called Customer Onboarding. The Milestone which represents the level of engagement of the customer with the brand for this scenario can be named New Customer. The Flow will represent the single use case, and can be called New Customer Welcome Communication. The requirement for the Milestone is that the customer has a valid e-mail. The requirement for the Flow is checking if the new customer accepted the Terms of Service, which here is represented by a Processing Purpose.

After designing the CX Journey, Milestone and Flow, you will also have to design a new Destination and Action to show SAP CDP down-streaming the customer data into the target system. We'll show that later during the CX Journeys chapter, with a companion Demo and Exercise.

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