Describing Dashboards


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Understand how dashboards can be personalized.

Updating User Dashboards


Dashboards provide a customizable interface that allows users to easily access tasks, documents, and other content.

Select each of the number icons to explore the options on the dashboard.

Customizing User Dashboards

Users can customize their own dashboards, but must follow template rules (For example: Users cannot remove tiles that are configured as required).

Select the plus icons to learn more about the Dashboard Template.

Rearrange Dashboard Items

You can also rearrange dashboard items.

Dashboard items can be manually re-organized.

To move an item, select, drag, and drop it into a blue outlined area.

For example, you want to move the Common Actions section in the dashboard.

Drag the Common Actions section and drop it to the highlighted Drop Here section.

Editing Dashboard demonstration

For an overview of editing the dashboard, watch this video.

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