Explaining Project Tasks


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  • Define project tasks

What are Project Tasks?

A Task is a description of an action that needs to be completed by a particular person at a specified time. The Tasks tab lists all the tasks of the project, along with any associated document, the task owner, the due date and status. It also identifies which tasks are milestones by the milestone icon.

The Task types are defined as follows:

To Do

An action (sometimes on a document) performed by the task owner.

Review, Approve, and Negotiate

Task owners create a list of approvers and reviewers who can modify the approval flow and add comments or attachments.


Generates e-mail reminders. They are typically used once a project is complete. Users configure when they are sent.

Task Examples

Review the task examples for a better understanding of how each task might be used.

Example 1: To Do

To Do: An analyst performs a spend analysis for a specific commodity.

Document To Do: A category manager fills out a preformatted form listing top suppliers for a specific service.

Example 2: Review

An IT director reviews an RFP for IT equipment created by the sourcing consultant and provides feedback.

Example 3: Approval

Legal is responsible for approving terms and conditions documents created by the project owner and provide feedback.

Example 4: Negotiation

The supplier and project owner negotiate delivery terms by updating the delivery terms document.

Example 5: Notification

Reminder for the project owner to award sourcing event and notify awarded and non-awarded participants 30 days after the event due date.

Example Disclaimer

These are only examples to give you an idea of how the task feature is used. There are mulitple ways to configure the use of project tasks.

Task Details

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