Identifying the Benefits of a Full Sourcing Project


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  • Identify the benefits of a Full Sourcing Project

A Full Sourcing Project

A Full Sourcing Project can be created from any appropriate template, including templates the company has created to manage different business processes or types of events.

What are the benefits of a Full Sourcing Project?

  1. Buying Organizations can standardize their project task workflows and the creation of their projects by controlling which steps are included in the project and what is expected from all users within the organization.
  2. Team members can collaborate on specific pre- and post-sourcing event content.
  3. Team members can review and approve content to be included in an event, such as supplier lists, item pricing and descriptions, and documentation before publishing.
  4. Team members can participate in reviews and approvals before a supplier is awarded a contract.
  5. Stakeholders can access all of the related negotiation information all in one central place, including details, documents, processes, and communications.

"I'm working on a long-term project that will require multiple events. Can you assist me with this?"

"Yes! Full Sourcing projects are well-suited for long-term or complex sourcing initiatives that require multiple sourcing events as part of one larger project!"

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