Navigating the Help Center


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Navigate through resources within the Help Center

Where to find Online Help

SAP Ariba Sourcing provides two options for you to access help documentation.

  1. Select the Question Mark (?) icon in the right, upper-corner of the page to visit the Help Center , browse events, or get the contact information for the support team.
  2. Use the Web Assistant question mark icon on the right edge of the page when editing, monitoring, reviewing, or awarding a guided sourcing event.

Online Help For Guided Sourcing and Web Assistant Overview

When you’re editing, monitoring, reviewing, or awarding a guided sourcing event, you can open SAP Companion, powered by SAP Enable Now. SAP Companion provides an in-app help panel with context-sensitive information. For guided sourcing, SAP Ariba provides preloaded help content and can be accessed by selecting the question mark on the right-hand side of the page.

If the question mark icon is normally available but becomes unavailable based on your screen resolution and browser zoom values, navigate to the upper-right corner of the page, select the more options icon (...), then select Help.

The Web Assistant will appear, with links to Help Topics , Guided Tours and the Learning Center.

Help Topics

Help Topics will provide different details within project pages, to provide additional context and documentation in an easy-to-find panel on the left side of the screen. The What is this page will provide an overview of the displayed area of the screen, and highlight topic areas on the left with lines leading to the specific location of the project page. Users can search the topics at the top, or select the Documentation button at the bottom to be directed to the appropriate user guides.

Guided Tours

Guided Tours are available to walk the user through process flows for key tasks displayed on the current screen. Select the Guided Tours icon on the help panel to see the list of guided tours available for the current page.

Learning Center

SAP Companion also provides access to the learning center content, such as recommended tutorials related to the current user interface page. The Learning Center contains a list of the recommended learning topics for the current user interface page. You can also access the Learning Center, which contains additional process and task tutorials.

Overview of Help Center within SAP Ariba Strategic Sourcing

Help Center

SAP Ariba offers a Help Center for their buyers and suppliers who want to self-navigate SAP Ariba's documentation or contact Customer Support. The Help Center is a place where a user can find more information about various topics and search across different forums of information such as tutorials, product documentation, frequently asked questions and more.

Accessing the Help Center

The Help Center source material, resources, pages and experience is based on role and product.

Help Center for Buyers

By clicking on the question mark (?) in the top right corner, and select Help Center, the user will automatically be directed to help content that other users have found the most helpful based on the page that is open.


There is product documentation available for both business users and administrator users.


If a site is Suite Integrated, toggling between Administration and Core Administration will change the Product within the Help Center Settings from Strategic Procurement (Administration) to Operational Procurement (Core Administration).

Help Center for Suppliers

There are Help Centers for suppliers that can be accessed directly at

Help Center Content


Search across SAP Ariba resources

The Help Center search is very helpful to find information as it searches across various SAP Ariba resources including product documentation, tutorials, Knowledge Base Articles (KBA), Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)s, Support Notes, Release Updates, Articles, and more.


Documentation & Learning offers product documentation, release updates, tutorials, and other resources divided into sections:

Contact Us

Contact us reinforces the search feature for self-service learning. There is also a Request Immediate Assistance link for assistance with live events, where a form is then presented requesting details about the request and event in question.

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