Exploring the For You tab


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Explore the For You dashboard

Explore the For You dashboard

The For You dashboard is the central place to create, view, monitor and award guided sourcing events. The dashboard provides you with a live collated feed of event status updates and quick access to recent events.

The News Feed lists and allows the user to filter, search and access recent events such as:

  • Newly created or published guided sourcing events
  • A response has been submitted to an event
  • Status changes of events
  • An award was created for a guided sourcing event
  • Approval is required for an event

The Quick Links panel shows additional options to create Sourcing Projects, and Sourcing Requests as well as search for projects. If the logged in user belongs to the Template Creator group, they can also Manage templates from the Quick links.

Additionally, the Expiring Contracts , Recently viewed and Watched Projects panels show links to contracts that expire in the next forty-five days, the four most recently viewed and watched events by the signed-in user, respectively.

For You dashboard video

For an overview of how to navigate the For You dashboard within guided sourcing, watch this video.

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