Creating Supplier Data Snapshots


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Describe supplier data snapshots
  • Create a supplier data snapshot

Supplier Data Snapshots

Supplier data snapshot reports are only available in sites that include SAP Ariba Supplier Lifecycle and Performance or SAP Ariba Supplier Information and Performance Management (new architecture). There are two types of supplier data snapshots:

  • Supplier Onboarding Progress

    The Supplier Onboarding Progress snapshot report includes data about supplier onboarding progress, from when the supplier request was submitted to when the registration was approved to when the supplier was successfully integrated. This report is helpful for tracking how long various supplier onboarding milestones have been pending so that you can identify and address issues and bottlenecks.

    For information about the contents of the Supplier Onboarding Progress snapshot, see Supplier Onboarding Progress Data Snapshot Reference
  • Supplier Certificate Data

    The Supplier Certificate Data snapshot report includes the supplier's certificates, which can be collected across multiple questionnaires. The report shows the certificate data created or updated within the selected time range.

    For information about the contents of the Supplier Certificate Data snapshot, see Supplier Certificate Data Snapshot Reference

Limitations of Supplier Data Snapshots

The following limitations apply to supplier data snapshots:

  • Supplier data snapshot CSV files opened in Microsoft Excel only show Latin characters. To see non-Latin characters in a supplier data snapshot, open the CSV file in a text editor.
  • Data about inactive suppliers isn't available in supplier data snapshots.
  • The snapshot report headers are not localized and are always exported in English regardless of the user's locale.

How to Create a Supplier Data Snapshot

Play the video below to learn how to create a supplier data snapshot.

For information about the user groups that grant permission to create supplier data snapshot reports, see the Strategic Sourcing and Supplier Management Group Descriptions guide.

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