Searching for Suppliers on the Supplier Management Dashboard


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Use the Supplier Management dashboard to search for suppliers

Supplier Searches on the Supplier Management Dashboard

You can search for suppliers on the Supplier Management dashboard. The supplier search page includes filters such as commodity categories, regions, departments, ERP integration status, primary supplier manager, and certificates. It also includes filters for the supplier's status in various supplier management processes such as registration and qualification. If your questionnaires use search terms, you can search for suppliers based on answers to questions that have been enabled for search.

You can't use supplier search to find these types of information:
  • Suppliers with requests that are in approval or have been denied
  • The type of supplier request used to create a supplier (internal or external)
  • Suppliers invited to register through mass registration invitations (legacy suppliers) versus suppliers invited through other means (nonlegacy suppliers)
However, you can search for these things using project search on the Home dashboard. Learn how to search for unapproved or external supplier requests and other supplier management projects

Saving Supplier Searches

You can save supplier searches that you use frequently. Saving a search saves a specific set of filters so you can rerun the search quickly instead of manually applying the same filters each time. As your search needs change, you can change a saved search or delete a saved search you no longer need.

You can only maintain 10 saved searches at a time.

Exporting Supplier Searches

If you need to work with supplier search results outside the SAP Ariba application, you can export supplier search results to a comma-separated value (CSV) file. You can export supplier search results if you’ve applied at least one search filter to them. The exported file includes data for the suppliers in the current search results based on the search terms and filters you've used, including custom filters based on questionnaire answers.

How to Search for Suppliers on the Supplier Management Dashboard

Play the video below to learn about searching for suppliers on the Supplier Management dashboard, working with saved supplier searches, and exporting supplier search results.

For information about the user groups that grant permission to search for suppliers and export supplier search results on the Supplier Management dashboard, see the Strategic Sourcing and Supplier Management Group Descriptions guide.

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