Browsing and Retrieving Financial Documents


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Retrieve an existing document in the most efficient way

Browse and Retrieve Documents

Global Inc. business activities generate thousands of documents daily. Jill will find out about the tools available in the SAP system to browse the system and easily retrieve FI documents. She is particularly interested in the drill-down functionalities that can be used to jump from an account balance to the detailed documents. Let’s take a moment and explore the different ways to retrieve a FI document.

Let`s start with the very helpful App Manage Journal Entries.

Ways to Retrieve a Document: Navigate to the Line Items Using the App Manage Journal Entries

And now here are more opportunities: Starting with the line item list or the account balances app.

Ways to Retrieve a Document: Navigate from the Line Item List and the Account Balances to the Line Items

Jill already knows that there are different ways to display a posted document in the system. The accountant usually decides how to access the FI document in each case. It is good to know different access methods because the business transaction determines which method is the most effective.

For example, if an accountant just displayed an overview of the line items for a specific account on the screen, it would not be wise to write down the desired document number, switch to the app Manage Journal Entries, and then use this second app to display the document there. However, if a colleague gives her a document number and she is supposed to do her research on it, the Manage Journal Entries app is very helpful.

Retrieve a Posted Financial Document in Different Ways

There is sometimes a need to display an accounting document in the system to get important information. This is possible in different ways. That's why we're now practicing this, using different apps:

  • App Display Line Items in General Ledger
  • App Manage Journal Entries

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