Using G/L Account Maintenance with Individual and Collective Processing


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Use G/L account maintenance with individual and collective processing.

Remove Block for Posting for a Single G/L Account

Choose PLAY to see how Kevin could confirm that someone else made the change to the G/L Account.


Kevin wants to remove the posting block for the G/L Account. Choose Watch Demo to see.

Check Blocked G/L Accounts

Kevin realizes that there may be more G/L Accounts which have been blocked. Let's see if he knows a way how to check this. Choose the PLAY button to begin.


Kevin wants to check all G/L Accounts that have been blocked for posting. Choose Watch Demo to see.

Use Mass Change for G/L Accounts

Now that Kevin has established that more than one G/L account was changed, he finds an app that allows one to change all the blocked accounts in one step. Choose the PLAY button below to see how to make a mass change.


Kevin is very pleased that he discovered who made the changes and that he can use an app for mass changes to remove the blocked for posting at the Company Code level for all the affected G/L Accounts. He is feeling more comfortable with the G/L! Choose Start Exercise to do the practice.

Additional Organizational Elements

Kevin has learned that there is a lot more to the organizational structures than initially thought. To find out more about this, choose the PLAY button below to explore!

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