Managing Financial Statement Versions


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Execute a financial statement using global hierarchies

Financial Statement Versions


In connection with the reporting of balance sheet and P&L figures, Greg has already familiarized himself with the use of the financial statement version in the SAP system.

Now he wants to get an insight into the structure of a Financial Statement Version. In the company, the Manage Global Hierarchies app is used for this.

Greg will need to execute reports on the financial results at month end, using various SAP Fiori apps.

Financial Statement Versions

Financial statements are official reports that you are required legally to output. To meet the different reporting requirements, various financial statement versions can be created in the SAP system.

In these financial statement versions, you define exactly which accounts are to appear in which line items of the financial statement. Many financial statement versions are included in the SAP system.

Global Hierarchies

The app Manage Global Hierarchies is a single point of entry for the maintenance of different hierarchies in the SAP system.

The Manage Global Hierarchies app allows you to easily create, edit and display hierarchies based on attributes defined by master data. You can create cost center, profit center, functional area, and Financial Statement Version (FSV) hierarchies, for example.

The following video shows you how you can display a Financial Statement Version using this app.

Manage Financial Statement Versions

Practice yourself using the interactive simulation to manage a financial statement version using the SAP Fiori app Manage Global Hierarchies.

Balance Sheet/Income Statement Reports

Because Greg is now familiar with the functions of the balance sheet and P&L statement, he receives inquiries from colleagues like the following two e-mails:

"Hi Greg, is it possible to display accounts with a Zero -balance in the Balance Sheet / Income Statement app?


"Hello Greg, I need to download the Financial Statement into a spreadsheet. Could you help to do this?

That’s why Greg created the following exercise answering his colleagues’ most important, recurring questions in a concise and compact manner.

Execute Balance Sheet/Income Statement Reports

Practice yourself using the interactive simulation to execute Balance Sheet/Income Statement reports using two SAP Fiori apps.

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