Activating and Renaming Follow-Up Activities


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Configure follow-up activities

Follow-Up Activities

Business Example

Carol is a returns and refund clerk responsible for processing customer returns.

Customer return solution provides various logistical follow-up activities (LFU) to support a flexible and comprehensive returns process. But some follow-up activities are never used in Carol's company's scenario, like LFU 0005 and 0007, because their return's business not related to any supplier. Consequently, they don't want those follow-up activities to appear in the selection list.

You can search for Activate and Rename Follow-Up Activities in your configuration environment.

If you use Manage Your Solution app, you can find the configuration activity via the following path:

  • Choose: Configure Your Solution

  • Application Area: Sales

  • Sub Application Area: Claims, Returns, and Refund Management

  • Item Name: Follow-Up Activities for Customer Returns

All Follow-Up Activities are activated by default on SAP S/4HANA Cloud. You can deactive the follow-up activities that aren’t relevant to your business.

You can rename the follow-up activity description to better reflect your business requirements.

There are certain rules related to follow-up activities. The follow-up activity cannot be deactivated in below cases:

  • The follow-up activity is already used in other configuration activity, such as Define Default Values on Customer Return Apps.
  • The follow-up activity is already used in transaction data in the follow-on systems, such as the test or production system.
  • Once you deactivate the follow-up activity, the deactived follow-up activity will no longer be shown as the available follow-up activity when you process customer returns.
  • If you deactivate follow-up activity 0005 and 0007, supplier and return-to address will be invisible in the Manage Customer Returns - Version 2 app.

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