Managing Credit Memo Requests


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Understand how to create, edit and display a credit memo request.

Credit Memo Requests

Business Example

A credit memo request is created with the amount to be credited to customer, and a billing block to be removed after review. Carol is an internal sales representative who is responsible for managing sales process. She needs to search, create, change, or display credit memo requests.

A list report can be an entry point for these activities.

The tile Manage Credit Memo Requests - Version 2 allows you to display, create, and edit credit memo requests using a Fiori UI. It is under the business catalog Internal Sales Rep or Customer Return, and available in the group Refund or Complaints when spaces are used. The end user (Carol) can use this tile to launch this app.

The business catalogs must be assigned to business users through a business role. It contains one tile.

The application Manage Customer Returns is a list report based on SAP Fiori elements.

The related (technical) business catalog containing the application shown above is SAP_SD_BC_RETURNS_PROC_PC.

The business catalog is part of a business role Returns and Refund Clerk (SAP_BR_RETURNS_REFUND_CLERK) which is comprised in several other business catalogs.

The application Manage Credit Memo Requests - Version 2 allows you to display a list of credit memo requests. Users can search or filter the list of credit memo requests in the app.

If the user has maintained default values for credit memo request type, sales organization, distribution channel, division, these fields are prefilled when the user open the app.

Users can navigate to the details by clicking the row.

The hyperlink for fields such as Customer Return and Sold-To Party allows the user to navigate to related object pages and applications.

The Customer Return link offers various navigation targets, for example:

  • Create Customer Return
  • Edit Customer Return
  • Delete Customer Return
  • Display Customer Return
  • Determine Refund
  • The Customer Return object page (fact sheet)
  • Application to display, create, and change customer returns in the SAP Fiori theme for classic applications

The Sold-To Party link offers several navigation targets, for example:

  • Object page (Customer)
  • Related application Customer - 360° View

The Manage Credit Memo Requests - Version 2 app allows you to create credit memo requests with document type Credit Memo Request (CR) and Invoice Correction Request (RK). The options do not allow you, though, to create other types of credit memo request. 

To create a new credit memo request, it is mandatory to specify a sold-to party first.

Users can optionally use the collective value-help to identify and choose a sold-to party.

You can see the document statuses on the top of the page.

  • To add items to the credit memo request, navigate to the section Items.
  • By default, an empty line is available, so that the user can start entering the first product.
  • Choosing Add Row (or ENTER) triggers a validation.
  • Items can be rejected, deleted or set billing block from the item list.
  • Sorting and filtering can be applied to the items table.
  • The user can navigate into the item detail by clicking the row.
  • You can click Incompleteness Info to get the warning message about which field is missing.
  • You can click the warning message to navigate to the field.
  • Credit memo requests contain partner information, for example, who will receive the invoices.
  • After a sold-to party has been specified, business partners are determined automatically by the system.
  • Users can add additional partner functions, for example, a contact person or responsible sales employee.
  • A credit memo request can only contain one partner function of each kind.
  • Sold-to party, ship-to party, bill-to party and payer are mandatory partner functions in a credit memo request. They cannot be deleted.
  • You can view the detailed address information for a business partner.
  • You can change the address to a document-specific address for a business partner.
  • Users can create, change, display or delete price conditions considering the current settings in section Prices.
  • Users can filter condition types using quick filters.
  • Users can maximize the prices screen.
  • In general, header price conditions are only added manually.
  • Inactive price conditions are visualized in yellow color.
  • Erroneous price conditions are visualized in red color.
  • Text can be copied automatically from customer master data.
  • To include long-text information to the credit memo request header or item, navigate to the section Texts and choose Create. The Language will be derived and proposed automatically from the sold-to party. Then, choose a Text Type. Enter the text. A scroll bar will be enabled automatically if required. Navigation into a text detail page is possible.
  • Only after a credit memo request has been saved, the section Process Flow will be displayed.
  • A process flow gives an overview of preceding and succeeding documents related to the credit memo request. Also expected subsequent documents are displayed, for example an invoice or customer return.
  • Depending on the authorizations of the user, it is possible to navigate to the related applications.
  • The process flow can be zoom in or zoom out.

Attachments and URL in whitelist can be attached to a credit memo request

New in SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2402

  • Creating credit memo requests with reference to a preceding document
  • Displaying output for credit memo requests
  • Creating invoice correction requests (document type: RK) with reference to an invoice
  • Withdrawing approval requests
  • You can refer a sales order or an invoice to create a credit memo request.
  • You can click value help to filter the reference document by criteria, like document number, sold-to party in sales order, payer in billing document and etc.
  • You can select your wished items and input quantity via click the button Select Items.
  • If you don't select items, all valid items in reference document will be copied to the credit memo request with open quantity.
  • You are creating a credit memo request, you can click Update Output Items to see if any output items are triggered.
  • You can go to the Output Items tab in an existing document to check if any output items are triggered.
  • You can click Open File to preview the output PDF document

When you create an invoice correction request, you must create it with reference to an available billing document (invoice).

Two items are automatically created for each item from the invoice:

  • First: Credit Item (read-only)
  • Second: Debit Item (Editable)

The screenshot above is an example. There are 10 PC on original invoice item 10 with 500 EUR. Now you want to refund customer 2 PC with 100 EUR, which means the correct quantity should be 8, then you change the quantity to 8 on debit item.

When the approval status of a credit memo request (CR) is In Approval, then the workflow requester can withdraw the approval request on the header of object page.

If the workflow is triggered by external API, it cannot be withdrawn via this button.

If the approval status is not In Approval, like already rejected or released, it cannot be withdrawn.

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