Understanding Follow-Up Activity Receive into Plant with Refund Control - No Refund


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Understand the Refund Control ‘No Refund feature in the Cloud environment.

Follow-Up Activity Receive into Plant with Refund Control - No Refund

Business Example

Carol is a returns and refund clerk responsible for processing customer returns.

One day, a customer returns a sample product due to the wrong delivery. Since the returns order refers to a sales order without charge, Carol will not give a refund to the customer. But he still needs to create a rejected credit memo request to close the refund process, which he finds inconvenient.

With this feature, if you already know that a refund is not relevant, you have the option to select the refund control No Refund if the logistical follow-up activity Receive into Plant (0001) is selected in the returns order.

How Does the Feature Work on SAP S/4HANA Cloud?

Previously, you would get the error message Refund Control 'No Refund' is not allowed if the follow-up activity is 0001 - receive into plant. Refund control N - No Refund was only allowed for the follow up activites like:

  • Product Remains at Customer Site (0013)
  • Send Back to Customer Site (0021)
  • In-House Repair (Service) (0026)
  • Continuous In-House Repair (Service) (0027)

Now, we support this combination of No refund and Receive into Plant if you already know the refund is not relevant for this return order item. Business examples are as follows:

  • The returned goods is free goods or sample goods.
  • You've already conducted the inspection and decided no compensation to the customer, for example, if the product is damaged by the customer or needs repair.

After you select the refund control N - No Refund and release the returns order, the refunding status changes to Not Relevant. No redundant rejected credit memo request will be created.

If you change your mind later and decide to compensate the customer with either money or a replacement, you can still create a credit memo request or a delivery free-of-charge with reference to the relevant returns order item in the Manage Credit Memo Requests app or in the Manage Sales Orders Without Charge app respectively.

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