Defining Default Values for Customer Returns App


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Define default values when you create returns orders via Apps.

Default Values for Customer Returns App

Business Example

Carol is a returns and refund clerk responsible for processing customer returns.

Normally, returned goods are handled similarly within one plant. For example, only products in good condition can be returned, so the returned goods are always moved to the free available stock. Also, the refund control is always "Create Credit Memo Request". Because of this, Carol does not want to input the same value for every returns order she creates. She wants the value to be input automatically to save the manual effort.

You can search for Define Default Values for Customer Returns Apps in your configuration environment.

If you use Manage Your Solution app, you can find the configuration activity via the following path:

  • Choose: Configure Your Solution

  • Application Area: Sales

  • Sub Application Area: Claims, Returns, and Refund Management

  • Item Name: Customer Returns

You can define the default values for the following fields and indicators relevant for returns:

  • Follow-up Activity
  • Product Received
  • Next Follow-up Activity
  • Inspection Code
  • Refund Type
  • Refund Control
  • Suspend Valuation*
  • Automatic inspection*


The fields with asterisk are only visible when the feature is activated via the configuration activity Configure Returns Order Type for Standard Return.

Dependencies and Restrictions

The default values will not be re-determined when you change the plant.

If you manually enter a value in the following fields before the default values are determined, the system assumes that you do not want to use the default values at all. As a result, the system does not propose the default values for other related fields in the returns order.

  • Product Received
  • Next Follow-up Activity
  • Inspection Code
  • Refund Type
  • Refund Control

The default values defined in this configuration activity cannot be applied to returns orders if you use the Manage Customer Returns app.

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