Managing Activities and Onboarding for Services


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Review and configure Activity Items for services.

Activity Items

Activity Items are assigned to users who must act on work items that are part of an organization’s procurement workflow.

Activity Items can consist of almost any activity necessary for ensuring that the procurement workflow is operating effectively, such as managing workers, tracking signatures, evaluating workers or suppliers, completing questionnaires, and reviewing SOW Bids.

Organizations using SAP Fieldglass can configure Activity Items and assign them to an SOW or to individual SOW Workers.

Screenshot of a worker record emphasizing the list of activities on the Activity Items tab.

Create Activities for an SOW Workflow

WorkingNet requires an onboarding activity to distribute badge access at the start of a new service agreement; they also offer an optional supplier evaluation at the conclusion of a project. As an administrator for WorkingNet, you are tasked with creating these Activity Items and associating them appropriately to existing SOW Activity Checklists to automatically trigger based on WorkingNet’s outlined requirements.

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