Collaboration Hub Settings


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Learn about an interface for users to view and comment on diagrams

SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub Settings

The Collaboration Hub provides an intuitive interface for users to view and comment on diagrams. You can configure the Collaboration Hub to adjust its layout to your preference and select available attributes and visualization layers.

You can adjust the appearance of the Collaboration Hub according to your corporate identity and choose between several layout and display options. 

To access your settings, go to the Collaboration Hub and click on settings. Here, you can change the settings on:

  • Theme
  • Home page
  • Attribute management
  • Audience


In the Theme tab, you can adapt the look of the Collaboration Hub for different audiences. All changes are directly displayed as a preview. When you do not adapt a setting for a specific audience, the setting for the General Audience is applied.

Home page

In the home page settings, you can change the look of the launchpad for different audiences. The elements you can change and reorder are:

  • Title and welcome message
  • Monitoring widgets from SAP Signavio Process Intelligence
  • Recently visited
  • Favorites
  • Entry diagram

Title and Welcome Message

The title is displayed as the headline of the Collaboration Hub home page. If you do not set a title, "Welcome to Collaboration Hub" is displayed. 

You can add translations for the title and the welcome message. Whichever language is used for the workspace will be the language that is shown. If no translation is available, the default language of the workspace is used.


Watch the following video to see how to set up your home page and theme in the Process Collaboration Hub. Note, this video contains audio.

Embedding of SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub in third-party applications

You can embed diagrams in third-party systems via iframes if trusted domains are used. By default, this function is disabled. Once it is enabled, you can copy the URL link of a diagram. Find more details of the URL format and other setting options in the admin guide.

Well Done - You now know how to customize your launchpad. Continue to learn how to manage your audience.

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