Managing Messaging


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Modify a Message in SAP Fieldglass.


Messaging functionality allows messages to be automatically sent to users when certain conditions are met, such as activities being completed or thresholds being met. For example, when a job posting is completed, it can trigger a notification to the first user in an approval chain that the posting is ready to be reviewed.

screenshot of the Message Center in SAP Fieldglass displaying 5 of the 7 types of messages that can be sent to the user: Reminder, Chat, Starred, Question, and Broadcast; Alerts and Notifications are also listed as message types

Navigating the Messaging Admin Object

screenshot of the Messaging section of the Admin Menu, the Messaging link is highlighted
1To view the list of email message templates, select Messaging from the Messaging section of the admin menu.

Messaging List Page

The messaging list page displays a list of notifications available within the SAP Fieldglass application.

screenshot of Messaging List page with the Enable and Disable buttons, the Module column, the Done By column, the Message Type column, the Work Item column ,and the Escalation column are highlighted

By default, most messages are disabled, however, these can be enabled as needed. This is to prevent users from receiving multiple unwanted messages and instead allows the Administrators to determine which actions should result in a message.

You would Enable or Disable messages directly from the list page by selecting the checkbox next to the relevant message(s) and then selecting the appropriate button. Enabled messages are indicated as Yes in the Send this Message column. Disabled messages are indicated by No.

3There is at least one default message for each Module in SAP Fieldglass, which can be triggered by certain activities performed in the application.
4Done By indicates the user who is generating the message.

Message Type indicates if a message is a default or a custom message. A custom message is a company specific notification that is sent to a SAP Fieldglass user when a particular action is taken.

Default messages are not company specific in their message text.

6Some messages can themselves generate Work Items, requiring recipients to perform some type of action.
7Some messages can generate an Escalation message if the activity is not completed when due.

Messaging List Page: Action field dropdown list

The Action dropdown lists all actions that can be performed in SAP Fieldglass that can initiate a message.

screenshot of the Message List page emphasizing the Action field dropdown list and many of the items listed in it, including the highlighted Withdraw action
8To view all of the modules that can trigger a withdrawal message, select Withdraw from the list.

Messaging List Page: Action column filtered to show Withdraw

The list in now filtered to display only those messages that would be sent when the relevant module is withdrawn by the user. By selecting ‘Default/Customized’ within the Message Type column of a notification, the SAP Fieldglass application will take you to the messaging details page where users can view specifics.

screenshot of Message List page showing only the action items listed as Withdraw in the Action column, the Customized link in the Message Type column that allows Suppliers to create messages about Job Seekers withdrawals is highlighted
9Select the appropriate link in the Message Type column to view a message..

Messaging Details Page

You’re able to customize messages by language, content, and recipient, with HTML tags and embedded system variables. Each language can be edited separately.

screenshot of the Job Seeker Withdraw message with the Details section, the Selected Recipient for Message, and the English (United States) sections are highlighted
10The Details section will provide users information on the message itself, such as User Type, Recipient Type, Module, Action and whether or not the message will be sent.
11The Selected Recipients for Message section will show the users that are available to receive the notification in question and whether or not is enabled/disabled.
12Towards the bottom of the page, you will see a preview of each notification in the specified Language. Users have the option of previewing the message or editing to remove/include variables.

Modify a Message

Job Posting Coordinators in WorkingNet have expressed their desire to be notified when suppliers withdraw job candidates.

As WorkingNet’s SAP Fieldglass Administrator, you can change the settings to trigger a notification when this occurs. Here's how you'll do that.

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