Managing the Vendor Master


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Navigate a Vendor Master admin and explain what it represents in SAP Fieldglass.

Vendor Master

Typically, an ERP system is used to store and maintain records of an organization’s vendors, called a Vendor Master list.

With a Vendor Master, Buyers may conduct business with hundreds of vendors. A Vendor Master also allows the Buyer to invite multiple new vendors at once, reducing the need to manually enter supplier information.

Navigating the Vendor Master Admin Object

screenshot of the Supplier section of the Admin Menu, the Vendor Master link is highlighted
1To view the list of the suppliers that have vendor master records in the tenant, select Vendor Master from the Supplier section of the admin menu.

Vendor Master List Page

This list makes it easier to invite Suppliers and ensure their correct association to a Vendor Master record. Vendors can be invited to register as suppliers directly from the list or from the vendor record when viewing the details.

The vendor master list is populated and maintained through an integration with the source ERP system using the Upload Vendor Master function.

screenshot of Vendor Master List page, the View field, the Status column, an vendor checkbox, and the link to re:CrewIT's ID are highlighted
2Use View to filter vendor records by New, All Invited, or Closed.
3The vendor master list can be further filtered to view by Status. All vendor records, those that are Closed, vendors that have been invited, vendors that are New, and those that have Registered.
4Vendors can be invited to register as suppliers directly from the list by selecting the Checkbox next to a new vendor, then selecting the Invite button.
5To view the details of re:CrewIT’s vendor master record, select an appropriate link in the ID column.

Vendor Master Details page

When a Supplier is added in SAP Fieldglass, a Vendor ID is used to associate the Supplier to the related Vendor Master record. The Vendor Master list allows Buyers to manage the list of Suppliers and their associated Vendor IDs.

A Vendor Master records shows the same details that can be found in a supplier record.

screenshot of reCrewIT’s Vendor Master Details page, showing the details, Service Provided, Diversity, and Site sections

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