Modifying Email Message Templates


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Modify an email Message template in SAP Fieldglass.

Email Message Template

Email Message Templates are used to create a custom, client-specific look and feel to email messages. Different templates can be applied for each recipient type: buyer, supplier, and worker.

The image below depicts an Email sent from SAP Fieldglass alerting recipient that an activity is awaiting their attention.

screenshot of an Email sent from SAP Fieldglass alerting the recipient that an activity is awaiting their attention

Navigating the Email Message Template Admin Object

screenshot of the Messaging section of the Admin Menu, the Email Message Template link is highlighted
1Select Email Message Template from the Messaging section of the admin menu to view the list of email message templates,.

Email Message Template List Page

The Email Message Template list page displays the languages enabled within the tenant and the associated template type. Each enabled language will have an associated template.

screenshot of Email Message Template List page, the Template Type column and the link to To Buyers Users (General) associated to the United Kingdom is highlighted

There are nine different types of templates listed in the Template Type list. They are available for each language enabled, based on user and intent of the message:

  1. To Buyer Users (General)
  2. To Buyer Users (Actionable Emails)
  3. To FCP Person (Registration/Confirmation) = User of the SAP Fieldglass Candidate Portal.
  4. To Users (General)
  5. To Supplier Users (Actionable Emails)
  6. To Supplier Users (General)
  7. To Workers (General)
  8. To Workers (Registration/Confirmation)
  9. To Workforce Users (Actionable Emails)
3Select an appropriate link in the Template Type column to view the details of an email message template.

Email Message Template Details Page

Email Message Templates include the message header, the salutation, the closing, and the footer.

Each template type is initially set to a default setting that can be customized into a unique template for each language and type.

screenshot of the template details page for the To Buyer Users (General) template that is associated to the United Kingdom, the Default Value and Assigned Value columns are highlighted
4Default Value is the verbiage defaulted by the SAP Fieldglass application.
5If this template has been customized, the new content will appear in the Assigned Value column. This content will override verbiage displayed within the Default Value column.

Modify an Email Message Template

Brian, the program manager for WorkingNet, has assigned Mateo to be the primary UK contact for the program management team. You’ll need to edit the appropriate email template to alter the custom closing of the email so that Mateo’s name is listed.

Here’s how you, the SAP Fieldglass administrator foe WorkingNet, will update the footer of that Email Template.

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