Automating the Return Request Process in SAP Business One, Web Client


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Initiate and operate returns with SAP Build Process Automation

The Return Request Process Automation in SAP Business One, Web Client

The Return Request process automation uses the workflow management capabilities of SAP Build Process Automation.

A return request is when a customer asks to return a purchased product to the seller. This information is often sent through e-mails and is manually verified and entered in SAP Business One. The seller must confirm the return request, then notify the customer manually. Processing the requests in this way, consumes time and resources for the seller.

The Return Request Process Automation automates the creation of a return request on the seller's side. It reduces the manual effort and errors, and improves overall work efficiency.

  1. The customer (the requestor) initiates the return request through an external online form, which calls the SAP Build Process Automation API.
  2. The system validates the data provided by the requestor with SAP Business One data. If the validation doesn’t identify any errors, the return request is automatically created in the Web client based on the A/R invoice.
  3. The seller (the processor), an SAP Business One user, receives an e-mail notifying them that a new task for return request confirmation is waiting in the SAP Build Process Automation inbox.
  4. After the task is confirmed, the automation sends a notification e-mail to the customer, indicating that the product can be returned. 

In SAP Business One, Web client:

  • On the Logistics tab of the return request record, the status of the Confirmed field is automatically changed to Yes
  • The return request is linked to the A/R invoice, and both documents are updated with the new data.

Prerequisite: You must have a valid BTP account and be subscribed to the SAP Build Process Automation service.

  • To download the bot template for the Return Request Process Automation, go to the store from SAP Build Process Automation.
  • To configure the required setup for running the Return Request Process Automation, refer to the Business Accelerator Hub dedicated page.

Return Requests in SAP Build Process Automation

In this video, you will learn how to automate the return request process using SAP Build Process Automation.

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