Creating Activities in SAP Business One, Web Client


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Create a dedicated activity for an item master data.

Create an Activity in SAP Business One, Web Client

Business Example

Kate, the warehouse chief at OEC Computers, has finished preparing the tablet items for the company’s sales campaign. The item master data records are now ready in SAP Business One, Web client. Kate must make sure that the sales team is aware of the change so they can start running the campaign.

In this exercise, you’ll help Kate by creating an activity and assigning it to the sales team.


  1. On the home page of the Web client, under Item Management, choose the Items tile.  

  2. In the Search field, enter the item code, and choose the search icon.

  3. Choose the arrow at the end of the item row. 

  4. Choose Create Activity. The Activity form appears in Add mode, with the preferred vendor of the item populated in the Business Partner field. 

  5. Under the General tab, follow these steps:

    1. In the Type field, open the dropdown menu and select the activity type, such as phone call, meeting, or task. 

    2. In the Subject field, enter a subject.

    3. In the Assign To field, open the dropdown menu and select either User or Multiple Recipients, depending on how many people you want to assign to the meeting.

    4. To open the user lists, choose the icon in the Recipient Name field. You can define column properties by choosing the Settings icon. 

    5. Check the box next to the name of each user that you want to include in the meeting.

    6. Choose Select.

    7. In the Content field, enter a message.

  6. To schedule the meeting, follow these steps:

    1. Choose the Scheduling tab.

    2. In the Start Date/Time field, choose the calendar icon.

    3. Choose the activity date.

    4. Choose the clock icon. 

    5. Choose the numbers on the clock you want the meeting to be held at.

    6. Choose OK.

    7. Select the Reminder checkbox.

      After adding the activity, the selected users receive a notification for this activity. 

  7. Choose the Linked Document tab. You’ll see that the item is automatically linked to this activity. 

  8. To view the item details, choose the orange arrow next to the document number. 

  9. Choose Add & View.

  10. To send Microsoft Outlook meeting request from SAP Business One, Web client activity, choose the share icon.

  11. From the dropdown, select Send Meeting Request.


    When viewing the scheduled meeting, if the Reminder checkbox is selected, the selected users receive a notification for this activity in the Web client.

    However, for these notifications to work, users must have their notifications turned on. To turn them on, follow these steps:  

    1. In the Web client, choose your profile icon. 
    2. From the dropdown menu, select Settings.  
    3. Choose the Notifications tab. 
    4. To change Show Activity Reminders to yes, choose the switch button.
    5. Choose Save


    For more details on how to send a meeting request from SAP Business One, Web client activity, refer to the course Introduction to SAP Business One, Web client. 

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