Discovering Analytics in the General Overview


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Recognize the difference between the list view and the general overview
  • Customize your own general overview

Differences Between the List View – Card View Type and the General Overview

The general overview looks like the list view when presented as a card view, but there are some key differences.

List View

The list view is a single data source. It has a filter bar, which allows you to change the filters for all the cards related to one set of data simultaneously.

For example, Adele can filter all sales invoice cards for a selected date range.

List View - Card View Type

General Overview

The general overview screen allows us to build data cards from multiple sources across the system. Each card can be connected to different data sources, and the filters are specified separately for each card. This includes the ability to specify separate date offset filters in each card, allowing you to do a side-by-side comparative period analysis. There’s no filter bar available for the general overview.

For example, Adele could present the overall sales of OEC Computers next to the purchasing summary and the inventory value.

General Overview

General Overview Customization

In this video, you will learn more about the general overview screen and how you can edit the general overview to meet your needs.

Video Summary

  • To access the general overview screen from the home page, choose Analytics group, then choose the General Overview tile.
  • All the cards function in the same way as the card view in the list view. However, the general overview does not have a filter bar because each card comes from a different data source and has its own separate filter bar.
  • In edit mode, you can choose the pencil icon on any card and choose the data source for that card from any existing list view or from the SAP HANA calculation views. User-defined objects and user-defined tables also have list views that you can define as data sources.
  • In addition, user-defined queries can be used as a data source for a card in the general overview screen.
  • After customizing the standard general overview view, you can save it under a new name. To do this, choose the drop-down icon next to the view name, then Save As. Alternatively, to save it to your homepage, choose the share icon, then Save as Tile.

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