Starting with SAP Business One, Web Client


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Access and navigate SAP Business One, Web Client.
  • Personalize different features on your SAP Business One, Web client home page.


Welcome to the Introduction to SAP Business One, Web Client course. In this course, you will explore the Web client home page, and gain a comprehensive understanding of its layout and functionalities. The course will help you acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively navigate and personalize the Web client home page to best suit your needs and preferences.

You will also learn how to leverage the integration capabilities of the Web client, which will enable you to work more efficiently and collaboratively with colleagues and customers. By leveraging these integration capabilities, you will be able to streamline workflows, share information and documents, and communicate effectively within the tool.

Throughout the course, there will be a combination of video tutorials and practical examples. These will help you to leverage the different capabilities of the Web client and optimize business performance.

SAP Business One, Web Client Home Page

In this video, you will learn how to access SAP Business One, Web client from the desktop client and how to navigate using the Main Menu and search bar.

Video Summary

  • Access the Web client – On SAP Business One, Desktop client, select the Web client icon or Web Client from the Main Menu. Alternatively, use a dedicated URL.
  • Log in to the Web client – Select a company and enter your SAP Business One username and password.
  • Navigate to groups and search for apps – The following options are available:  
    • Select a group at the top of the home page
    • Select the down arrow on the right of the navigation ribbon which opens a vertical list
    • Use the search box in the Main Menu
    Selecting an entry takes you to the respective group or module.
  • Use the Enterprise search feature – Search for a value within a specific object or in general.
  • Access the Help content – Select the Open Help icon to access information about specific elements on the screen, explore help resources, take guided tours, and stay up to date on releases.
  • View notifications – To open the notification center, select the bell icon. Notifications can be viewed by date or priority.
  • Create records – Select the Create tile.

Home Page Personalization

In the Web client, you can personalize your home page to enhance your experience. In this video, you will learn how to customize different tiles, groups, themes, and languages on your Web client home page.

Video Summary

  • Move and create tiles – To move tiles manually on the home page, use drag and drop. Select Edit Home Page from your user profile to complete any of the following actions:
    • To hide or unhide groups, select Hide to the right of the group.
    • To move a tile to a selected group, select the three dots on the tile and select Move.
    • To add a tile to an existing group, select the + icon and choose the relevant group.
  • Personalize groups – To rename, delete, and create new groups, use edit mode.
  • Browse and add apps to groups – To search for available apps in pre-defined groups, use the App Finder. To add the app to a particular group or assign it to a new group, select the pin icon.
  • Change the home page display – To only show tiles within a group, choose SettingsHome Page, then select Show one group at a time.
  • Change the theme – Go to SettingsAppearance, then select your preferred theme.
  • Switch the language – Go to SettingsLanguage & Region, then choose the UI language.
  • Change the font size – Use the web browser zoom in/out option.

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