Leveraging the Date Offset


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Leverage the date offset to filter list views according to the current date

The Date Offset Concept

The date offset concept underlies all list views that are saved in the system. It allows you to work with a specific time period that's offset from the current day.

In this video, you will learn more about the date offset and how you can use this feature to filter the list view.

Video Summary

  • The date offset is different from the date filter. The date filter allows you to set a hard-coded date range. Whereas the date offset is a special date filter allowing you to define a time window, which is pivoted around, and offset from, the current system date.
  • Every date type field has the date offset functionality.
  • In this video, we covered a typical scenario for the date offset formula:
    • Choose the Value Help icon in the Posting Date field. In the Time Period field, select an option from the dropdown, such as Last X days or Last X years. In the Day field, enter a number.
    • A formula appears in the Time Period field.
    • In the brackets, the system automatically displays the current From and To dates calculated by the date offset formula.
    • These dates are then updated every time the saved view opens again.
    • The offset formula can be manually changed by updating the formula expression.

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