Explaining the Utilization of Different Account Assignment Objects


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  • Explain the use of different account assignment objects

Account Assignment Objects

In the finance department, different entries may be required when entering documents. This depends, among other things, on the modules and functions that are required and set up for the specific company.

For example, if profit center reporting is required, this information must also be available at document level so that the corresponding evaluation can be created exactly and completely. This also applies to the use of segment reporting or the representation of simple projects. Some of the required information is automatically provided by the system. This is very helpful for the user and saves time.

Another example is the data required for controlling. Financial and management accounting work closely together in SAP. In G/L accounts that are to provide controlling-relevant information, the connection to controlling is made by choosing the G/L account type. If you post to an account that is of the type Primary Costs or Revenue, for example, you must enter a controlling element when posting.

If additional account assignment objects are entered by the employee, this can usually be done when you enter the line items.

Account Assignments

In our next topic, we will discuss how to perform a manual posting of a G/L document.

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